Money, Money, MONEY!

November 23, 2008

We need to rob a bank. Either that, or Kyle’s going to have to start “selling himself”, cause we definitely need some dough. We’ve gotten to the point where it seems like everything we need we don’t have, and everything we don’t have costs a shitload of money. This weekend we rented a PA system from Cosmo for the month so we could actually hear Ruben during practice, and it cost us a whopping $160 for just the month. Don’t worry though, that’s nothing compared to the amount it takes to buy this badboy, around $1200 for pretty much the minimum. Also, since we’ve gotten to the point where were finishing up a couple of original songs, we have to decide on either to buy the necessary equipment to record at home, or book some studio time, neither of which are cheap. Oh yeah, and today I smashed my bass drum in; it was pretty cool, but definitely didn’t help our financial situation.

So, we are currently accepting donations greater than $10,000. Cash only please. Donate more than $50,000 and you will recieve a high-five from 3 band members of your choice.



Some Actual Music

October 13, 2008

Hey guys, after tons of people asking we’ve finally decided to record ourselves playing for you guys. Now, before you go and judge us keep a few things in mind. This recording is various pieces of 100% improvisation, meaning we didn’t plan anything, just grabbed our instruments and started playing. Also, we recorded an entire band with one mono mic, so it doesn’t have the greatest sound quality in the world, and our levels are a bit off.

I think there are some parts that really work well, as well as other parts that didn’t sound too great. Let us know what parts you liked.

Men of Wax Various Jamming Sessions:


Lookin’ Good

October 11, 2008

Hey guys,

Just finished a visual update to the site, now it doesn’t look so bland. I added a new layout, a new banner, and a few new pages you can take a look at. Let me know what you guys think.


100th member

October 8, 2008

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know we got our 100th member on our facebook group. lol BIG achievement amirite? If you want to help the cause and get us some more fans then that would be awesome. My next goal is 200 members but well see where that goes.

                     word up


Our First Gig

August 9, 2008

Well, it’s offical, we’ve had our first gig! Nothing too amazing though, and how we got it was completely by chance.

We were having our weekly band practice as usual, when there was an unexpected knock at the door, it was my neighbor. Apparently her brother organizes certain events for the local Liberal candidate, Bryon Wilfert, and he was having an annual BBQ. So far, they hadn’t found any entertainment, and they needed someone to play, so they came to us for help. We jumped at the chance, at our level, a gig is not something you pass up, but there was one problem. The gig was tommorow.

Not only that, but they didn’t want us to play most of the songs we knew, because they didn’t think it would be appropriate for the type of guests that showed up (I.e. old people), and it was already 8 at night. So, we did what true rockstars do, we pulled an allnighter!

Nice umbrellas.

Nice umbrellas.

With a quick run to Cosmo to pick up some neccesary equipment, we were down in my basement working hard. Throughout the night we manged to learn 3-4 brand new songs, on top of 2 we already knew that we were allowed to play. So, although tired, we were ready to play.

Overall the gig did not go the greatest. It rained, we had a crappy set-up, and the most of the people there could really care less about what we were playing (they even told us to turn it down at one point). But even though we were playing all huddled together under patio umbrellas held together by string, we still rocked our hearts out. We had finally achieved one of our first goals. At that moment, to us it wasn’t about getting screaming fans and stage dives, we were doing what we loved together, and that’s what made our first gig so memorable.


Beginning the Long Road Ahead

July 4, 2008

Well, not THE beginning. The band actually formed a few months ago. But this is going to be the new beginning, the official one.

So, who exactly are we? And what are we beginning? Well, as I said before, were a band, a band worshiping all things rock. We love the idea of rocking out major gigs, playing awesome solos, and chilling at kick-ass after parties. But that’s the thing, so far we only have the idea. Most of us (except for Kyle) have only recently started getting serious playing our instruments, or even started playing them at all, so we have our work cut out for us. However, we do have something not too many bands these days have, an incredible bond that goes way past just music, we’ve all been friends for years, spending many of our elementary, and now high-school years together. Hopefully that bond will carry us throughout our musical careers.

So, as we begin our main priority is to get improve our individual playing skill. We’ve had a few band practices, but lets just say they haven’t ended on the highest of notes. We have a lot to work on, but with each band member being as dedicated as they are, I’m sure it won’t take long until were rising up in the rock industry.

Rock On.